30+ minutes
3 - 8 players
Age 12

Game of the year Winner 2019 in Norway and Denmark. Decrypto is the engaging game of code decryption. You face off in two teams and must attempt to decipher the opposing team’s code without revealing your own. 

Each turn you are given hints to a code and must guess the code on your sheet, meanwhile the opposing team are listening in and while wite down the clues you are given. Once you have intercepted two of the other team’s codes you win, or if you fail to decypher your own codes, you will lose. Decrypto is great and zany spy-fun.

Product Info
  • Product Nr.
  • Ean
    DK/NO- 5714293000290 / FI/SE- 5714293000306
  • Dimensions
    328 x 300 x 60 mm
  • Weight
    530 g.
  • Case Quantity