30+ minutes
3 - 8 players
Age 8+

Winner of Game of the Year: Guldtärningen - Årets Familjespel".  In Diamant, players are explorers on an expedition to the Tacora Cave in order to loot it of its treasure. 

In each round players take turns revealing cards in order to see what treasures they find. Any diamonds are divided evenly, with fractions left on the card. The player may then decide to push on or leave for the camp. Any players who leave for the camp take the remaining fractions with them, while the other players may continue exploration. Some of the cards have traps on them, only revealing one of these traps is no danger, but should a second trap of the same type be revealed, all players remaining in the cave, must return back to camp empty handed.

Technical Information
  • Product Nr.
  • EAN
  • Dimensions
    205 x 205 x 62 mm
  • Weight
    650 g.
  • Case Quantity
    6 pcs.