Pass The Pigs

0+ minutes
2 - 10 players
Age 7+
Pass the Pigs is a portable game of pig tossing. It could be described as a variant of Yahtzee using small figures of pigs instead of dice. The box contains two small pigs and a sheet with the different positions they might land on when tossed and the point value of said position. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game. Pass the pigs is a classic game and has been around since 1977. It is very portable in its small black box and can easily be brought along in a pocket, when going on family trips and such. The rules are really simple and can be understood in little-to-no time.
It’s Pass The Pigs like you remeber them from your childhood! Throw your pair of porkers and see how they land. Will you get a Leaning Jowler, a Mixed Combo or will you Pig Out?
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  • Dimensions
    110 x 210 x 35 mm
  • Weight
    180 g
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