Information Retailer Day 2020

Supplier's Program and Information.

NB: times are GMT+1

Retailer day is being held June 2nd - RSVP May 8th

Please send any requests or information to



New for 2020

Venue Map




Expo Materials

Shipping Address

Setup and Dismantling

Prize Tickets

Goodie Box and Prizewall



Scandic Hotel Sydhavn

Sydhavn Plads 15

2450 KBH K


Getting there from the airport: look here

If you need rooms we will be happy to book them for you, although you can also book them yourselves here:

Hotel Scandic Sydhavnen

We have arranged rates of 1150,- DKR/room per night at the hotel.

All you have to do is contact the hotel by mail and give them this booking code: ENI040619

Monday Arrivals - Teemu Toivanen and Erik Ryding will be there to greet you from 16:00. Any of you that have joined us are cordially invited to join us for dinner in the hotel restaurant


Retailer Day is a special event for us – it allows us to gather our customers and our suppliers under the same roof and have them interact. The goal is to spread knowledge of the up-and-coming games as well as strengthening the bonds of the board game stores across our region – while allowing you to showcase your best upcoming products.

There will be activities, seminars and finally an evening of casual board gaming fun. You will be able to demo products for the retailers and take feedback. You will also have the possibility to meet our sale staff.

New for 2020

This year we are experimenting with a new idea. 

Prize Wall and Prize Tickets. We are proud to introduce our Prize Wall (found in Titanium) – it is a booth where retailers turn in their Prize Tickets either for items or lots for our evening lottery. What are Prize Tickets and how do they get them, you ask?

The tickets are given out to the attending retailers whenever they visit your booth and interact with you in a meaningful way. Read more about this further down.

Venue Map



Time Activity Location
08:30-08:59 Opening and sign in Hotel Lobby
09:00-09:29 Welcome with Country Manager Anders Petersen Aluminium
09:30-09:59 Supplier Round 1 START Conference Area + Titanium
11:00-11:29 Seminar (TBA) Aluminium
11:30-11:59 Supplier Round 1 END Conference Area + Titanium
12:00-12:29 Lunch START Restaurant
12:30-12:59 Lunch END Restaurant
13:00-13:29 Prize Booth Opens Titanium
13:30-13:59 Supplier Round 2 START Conference Area + Titanium
14:00-14:29 Seminar TBA Aluminium
14:30-14:59 KLASK Tournament Scandium
15:00-15:29 Event Games Scandium
16:00-16:29 Supplier Round 2 END + Sandwiches Conference Area + Titanium
16:30-16:59 Clean Up Conference Area + Titanium
17:00-17:29 Clean Up Conference Area + Titanium
17:30-17:59 Prize Ticket Lottery Titanium
18:00-21:59 Free Gaming + Sandwiches Scandium + Titanium
22:00 Goodbye


Following tradition, we will be serving food at the hotel. There will be a selection of vegetarian fare alongside the main courses. At 12:00 we will gather everyone in the restaurant for lunch. Later, at 16:00 we will serve sandwiches and again at 18:00. There will be coffee and non-alcoholic beverages available – until after 18:00 where we will serve you beers as well.

Coffe and tea will be freely available for the entire event.


On participation you will be allotted space (300x300 cm) free of charge. Within this space you will be supplied a table (60x120 cm) and two chairs. Please bring your own roll-ups to make your area look as great as possible. We are of course flexible, so if you have items for demonstration that need special considerations, please let us know so that we can find a solution together.

As a new feature we expect you to divide your presentation into two segments. The first, called Round 1, is where you make a broad presentation of your most exciting new games coming up. For those of you that have attended before this will be familiar.

However, at 13:30 we expect you to change your presentation to Round 2, where you will have chosen a single game (preferably not presented during round 1) to make a deeper presentation of.   

Expo Material

We expect you to bring at least two roll-ups to showcase your products. Of course, you are welcome to bring more, as long as you consider the size of your allotted space.

Shipping Address

If you need to ship any materiel to us you can ship it to the address below. We would appreciate if all materiel needed for the Retailer Day is with us before May 15, so have this in consideration when shipping:

Asmodee Nordics

Valseholmen 1

2650 Hvidovre


Att.: Retailer Day

US Suppliers can use our freight-forwarder for goods. In order to be sure that we have the items on time we suggest that you have them shipped mid April from your warehouse.

Local US supplier will forward goods to DSV in New Jersey (DSV NJ).

IMPORTANT: supplier must send an e-mail containing invoice (value $ 0 to clear customs) and tracking number to DSV New Jersey.

DSV NJ will register the goods at arrival to DSV warehouse.

DSV NJ will combine in to one consolidated shipment to Denmark per weekend.

Shipments must be consigned to;

Asmodee Nordics A/S


X-Port Services

601 West Linden Avenue

Linden, NJ 07036

US suppliers must pre-alert our DSV contact in New Jersey :

Main contact Ambre Bourlet – DSV - Tel +17328508000 ext. 2399

Escalation Anders Kaalund Winther – DSV - Tel +17328508000 ext. 2405:

Please keep us ( in CC on these communications so that we can better follow where we are in the process.

Setup and dismantling

We will gladly set up as much of your exhibition as possible, provided we have the material in hand. Setup can begin already June 1st at 16:00, and must be completed by 08:30 the June 2nd.

We will begin dismantling of the exhibitions at 16:30.

Prize Tickets

You will be provided with tickets for your booth. These tickets are to be given to any retailers that visit you and interact with you in any meaningful way (you get to be the arbiter of this). You will be given two different colors, one to be used when we open, and the other for the afternoon. You can see the time frames for this in the program called Supplier Round 1 and Supplier Round 2. This is a tool that we wish to use in order to track the level of interaction from our retailers, and we hope that you will help us with this.

Goodie Box and Prize Wall

Each year we compile a Goodie Box for the attending retailers, with gifts from all of you. If you have anything you would like to offer, then we would appreciate at least 200 units of the item to be delivered to us by May 15th. If you have smaller promotional items you would like to bring along and give out during the event, you are more than welcome to do so – but please let us know beforehand. This year we also have a prize wall where retailers can spend their tickets on various cool and unique products. Any unique and interesting items (e.g. signed copies of games) you have would be very apprecieated 


We need a couple of things from you in order to sign you up correctly – please make sure that you have given us this before May 8th.

Name of supplier.

Number of guests.

Names of attending guests.

List of games you will be demonstrating.

Items and quantities you will be sending

Any dietary restrictions.

Information must be sent to - note that this is a special e-mail for handling your admission, please have all corresponce regarding Retailer Day with this in CC.